Client Reviews

Lisa Hanson is extremely knowledgeable, always very friendly and definitely goes the extra mile. I not only witnessed this first hand with the sale of my home but I have also watched her provide superior service to her other clients. She goes well above and beyond her clients expectations. One of the things that really stands out about Lisa is the fact that she "makes" it happen....... She will figure it out - If there's a will there's a way! I gave her a description of the type of home that I was looking to buy and she didn't just check the active listings, she dug in and found a home that wasn't even listed anymore and contacted the owners. She created the transaction. She did the same thing when working with the people that were buying my home - There is no way that either transaction would have been successful if Lisa hadn't bee the Agent! I can't say enough good things about Lisa...... I wish that there were more Agents like her! 

Lori Manley 


Lisa Hanson is an experienced, professional, ethical, dependable and knowledgeable real estate agent. Our experience in working with her as we sold and purchased a home were exceptional. Lisa made sure that each and every detail was taken care of, and she coached us along the way in this challenging process. I highly recommend Lisa Hanson for anyone's real estate needs. She is by far the most diligent, competent, trustworthy, energetic, pleasant and resourceful real estate agent we have ever work with. Thank you LISA HANSON! You were AWESOME to work with!!!! 

Carol Vega 


Lisa provided quick, savvy, friendly and effective service from the beginning to the end of my real estate transaction. She has great people skills and attends to all the details with talent, technicalknowledge and professionalism.  



We went to an open house and decided to make an offer. Lisa was the agent for that house. We used her to list our house as well. Lisa worked very hard to make things happen with our house that we were selling. The purchase of our new home was contingent on the quick sale of our old house. We had a few urgent matters come up at the last minute such as a broken water main, a branch through one of our windows, and last minute radon mitigation. With our busy schedules, it would have been extremely difficult to be there for all of the coordination of contractors, etc. Lisa made herself available on very short notice to coordinate contractors and be present for them to come and get the work done in a timely fashion when we were not able to leave work.



As we purchased our new home, Lisa had our interests and concerns always at the forefront through the process. She assisted with contractors for work that required completion and she placed us in contact with representatives for services the house would require. She was awesome! 

Scott Sleeman


Lisa has done a fabulous job in helping get bids, and contractors, and did a great job at the open house. 

Pat Sleeman


We were lucky. You don't always get a great Realtor. Thank you Lisa.  

Pat & Patty Conlon 


Highly recommend Lisa Jane Hanson. 

Jim Miller Tigard Oregon 


"Lisa was critically instrumental in assisting me and my mother's estate with the sale of my mother's house. She accomplished this flawlessly via excellent communication regarding this long distance sale. She worked diligently and in a caring manner with my brother, who resided on the property with his family to help prepare the property for sale. She was very proactive in booking showings, setting/revising pricepoint, and recontacting potential buyers. This was vitally important to the eventual, and timely, sale of the property. She also was helpful to my brother in finding another property for him to purchase. I can't thank you enough Lisa!!!!!!!"

Kathryn Conlon | Home Seller

November 21, 2016


Lisa went above and beyond to help us with our purchase. She was a great asset to the entire procedure. Thomas Mayo, Waialua, Hi

Tom Mayo | Home Buyer

November 4, 2016


I strongly recommend her she is a very helpful she guides you step by step and she's there whenever you need her. 

Felipe Flores 


Lisa Jane Hanson was recommended to me by one of my close friends. I did interview another broker, but I really felt Lisa better understood my property and my needs. I originally contacted Lisa about selling my home several months ago, and while she checked in occasionally, it was always in a polite, respectful way. This was a very busy, stressful time in my life, and she never pushed me. Once I was ready to sell, I still felt overwhelmed by what I thought it might take to get my house on the market. Lisa broke down the tasks into manageable chunks and helped me each step of the way. She was always helpful, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, but above all patient. Once I started to work with Lisa I had no doubt I could quickly get my home ready to sell. I can't stress enough how easy she made this process! Joan, Portland

Joan Doherty | Home Seller

October 28, 2016


The purchase of a house is chaotic and stressful and our realtor Lisa knows what buyers go through and has a remedy at every turn. She had the answers on the fly and she was very calming to us all they way through. I was surprised and overjoyed that Lisa secured all the bids for work to be done for us. Not only 1 bid but two or 3 bids! No other realtor has ever done as much as Lisa went out of her way to do. Her network of professionals is great, she always knows "who to call". Thanks for everything! ​​​​​​​

Mike and Kelley ​​​​​​​


Lisa is the best Realtor we've come across! She is kind, patient, encouraging, aggressive when needed, knowledgeable, skilled and experienced all wrapped into one fun package. Her friendly demeanor made us feellike we were old friends, she helped us feel calm through the stress of a sale and a purchase, and being so confident in her manner settled our minds more than she probably knows. One important fact about Lisa is that she is accessible at all hours! Taking my calls late at night and keeping up the texting of info was a Godsend. I can't forget to mention how tech savvy she is also! We will recommend our friends and family call on her.

Mike & Kelley | Home Seller & Buyer

May 4, 2016


I have many friends that are in real estate, but never contacted them because we weren't considering selling. It was only after meeting Lisa Jane Hanson, her offer to take a look at the house and then meet again with an estimate/more information did we even think about it. After that, within one day, it was a no-brainer to sell and also to work with Lisa.


Overall, she was amazing. There are not enough positive words to describe the initiative, dedication and consistent communication during this process. She told us that we'd most likely have an offer in 7 days. We did. She said that she could sell the home furnished. She did. Even with a surprise along the way out of our control (landscaping) Lisa remained calm, kept us calm and always found solutions. The incredible and quick legwork she did in terms of securing bids, and truly 'selling' the highlights of the home made the negotiation process go smoothly. Using Docu-Sign and constant communication via email, text was extremely helpful and very appreciated.


Also, the other professionals and referrals that Lisa Jane Hanson shared with us helped to make the sale possible -- excellent photos, great online exposure, everything down to helping with move-out. We can't thank her and the team that she was able to round up at an instant, whenever needed always made us feel comfortable, hopeful and supported during what can be an incredibly stressful process.


There are too many examples to list about Lisa Jane Hanson going above and beyond, but she even went so far as to help us in referrals and in navigating the home buying process in a completely different city/market.


Lisa Jane Hanson is more than just a sales professional - my family has adopted her as not just a family friend, but we consider her family after always going above and beyond. If Excellent + was a category, I would select that for all of the above items.

D. Fox | Home Seller

December 14, 2015


Lisa couldn't have made the experience of selling a house any easier. I think the word excellent only begins to describe the entire process for us. Lisa went above and beyond the call of duty! The sales experience couldn't have gone better. Lisa's dedication to her clients and her work is evident. We couldn't have asked for more. Lisa is a truly wonderful agent and person! Being new to the process of selling a house, Lisa provided us with all of the information we needed to feel at ease with so many big and terrifying decisions. We couldn't have asked for more.

Tracy Aiello | Home Seller

December 14, 2015


I felt Lisa H. was very knowledgeable of the market and aware of my needs. Her personality is more personable and that made it easier for me . Lisa was constantly keeping me updated and aware of each step of the process while respecting my wishes. I felt Lisa was a pleasure to work with, she went the extra mile in making the home repair process get done as much as within her power. Lisa's personal drive and determination made her the right agent for me. I really appreciate all of her efforts. I would strongly recommend her to another seller. This experience was new and I had some personal pressure going on. Lisa walked me through the process and we worked as a team. I felt she did her job well.

Roslyn Davis | Home Seller

November 24, 2015


Lisa had contacted me previously as she thought my house met the criteria of a buyer she had at that point. I called her when I decided to list and met with her. We clicked immediately. I had planned on interviewing more people, but after meeting her, I knew I had the right person. She was a great negotiator and worked really hard behind the scenes for us. Her communication skills are exemplary. And she was always available. I swear, I don't think she ever sleeps. =o) I've already recommended her to several people and will continue to do so. Lisa Hanson deserves your strong consideration if you are looking for a broker!

Tara Krick | Home Seller

September 2, 2015